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Prank Gifts

Unique Prank gift ideas you will only find on Oye Happy. Browse the most amazing gifts designed exclusively by our Happiness Scientists. Scroll down to check them out.

Sale! Prank Combo

Make your loved one laugh their hearts out with this prank gift combo.

Glitter Bomb

Prank your buddies by getting them this glitter bomb with lots of annoying glitter that is sure to go everywhere!

best seller
Sale! Birthday Glitter Bomb

Prank your birthday buddy with this quirky surprise bomb and guarantee them a day full of happiness and fun.

new arrival
Scary Prank Video

Prank your friends (or enemies) on their special day with a video guaranteed to give them a few sleepless nights.

Aww-dorable Butterfly Card

A surprise butterfly card for a special someone who makes your heart flutter just by being around you.

new arrival
Butterfly Birthday Card

If you want to go a little creative with gifting, get someone a pet butterfly that need not be potty trained.

new arrival
Sale! Bomb of Hearts

Gift your special someone a super fun and glittery surprise to better express how much you love and adore them.

new arrival
Prank Lizard Card

If you wish to prank someone and have some fun, get this surprise lizard card and you're sorted.

new arrival
Scary Butterfly Card

A rare special of butterflies is trapped inside this card. Do you want to make someone flee it?

new arrival
Dead Lizard Prank

Prank a reptile hater by surprising them with a lizard (not a real one unfortunately) packaged nicely in a gift box.

Sale! Anniversary Glitter Bomb

Prank your better half with this super fun and glittery surprise and gift them a day full of smiles and sparkles.

new arrival
Mirror card of Insult

Insult your best friend with lots of love with this quirky mirror card.

Sale! Hearty Birthday Bomb

Prank your birthday buddy with loads of glitters and sparkles to ensure a day full of laughter for them.

new arrival
Box of Insults

Always make your presence felt with this quirky and hilarious box of insults meant strictly for best friends.

Bermuda Triangle Award

An award for the person who NEVER returns things they borrow from you.